Monday, September 22, 2008

MC Jizzcocks Surprise Rockclimbing

On Saturday I was responsible for bringing Jeff to Mission Cliffs for his surprise birthday. Kinda nervous, I made up a story about selling a pair of kicks to someone and having to meet up at a warehouse somewhere in the Mission. So it was working since he was buying it. I wish I could’ve actually communicated it better to the group since no one was really ready to surprise him haha. But regardless, he was surprised anyway, so good job guys!

- the shrits were awesome tiff! So awesome that I have like 10 extra in my car, so let me know if anyone wants a tagless Hanes shirt reading “Jeff’s Derrrty Thirty”. If not you’re gonna see them on eBay.
- jeff had the special magenta one that matched the rope – so good call there lamster.
- we were split up in groups for the training program, and I was on the short yellow bus group
- them harnesses weren’t as uncomfortable as they looked
- i’m not as sore as I anticipated…shoot I don’t think I try hard enough haha
- we all became better climbers once we switched kicks
- rock-climbing would be easier if the rocks were bigger, but I guess that’s the challenge huh?
- you shouldn’t start on the intermediate climbs if you’ve never done it before
- i don’t know for a fact, but rock-climbing has to be in the “stuff white people life” book. And why was jeff k the only one to get equipment when we all got there? Hmmmm
- i really wanted to do a shirtless climb, but lacked the abs that were required
- there should be some incentive once you get to the top
- people kept saying its harder than it looks. But for real, it looked hard to me straight from the jump.
- damn all those lil tykes for climbing the walls mad fast
- i wonder if someone was on a harness while putting up all the colored tape?

So after we were all sweaty and funky, we had dinner in ChiDi at this restaurant that had a tree growing inside it. Interesting but it felt like I ate there before. Dunno? To cap off the evening, we went to Rosewood and I haven’t been to that place in about 10 years. Me and Mike were wearing shorts still so we had to plead with the bouncer to let us in, and luckily he obliged, so we couldn’t dare to miss Jeff’s dancing exhibit! Pics to soon come hopefully.