Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Layout Tweaks

Woohoo finally added my freakin' title to the lovely panoramic that TheUglyStick shot. I was going to add a subtitle but I felt too many words might interrupt the essence of the photo [plus I still couldn't think of one!]. I kinda wanna pat myself on the back for finding a dope font, downloading it, and then coloring it to exactly match the text. That's probably hella basic to you web-designers, but I'm not one!

I wanted to change the color of the blue font of the recent comments to match the rest of the column, but they wanted a $12 "donation" to upgrade to customize that. Haloscan please - I'm not made out of money!

Okay next goal: to stretch out the body so it doesn't look like one newspaper column lol. There's too much empty space on the margins. I also want to maybe embed the comments section rather than have a pop-up window. And if there's anything else you can suggest holler at me! I'ma accountant not a designer and this layout is still definitely a WIP.

Oh yeah - here's a shout out to my cousin Wesley! Yo son, you asked for it so here it go. But for real, thanks for reading, just don't tell your folks and start working again on your golf game so we can play haha. Vega$ in December sounds tempting.