Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just an Observation

Here's a pic from a birthday party I went to this past Saturday:

I'm the sav in the middle. It's a trip that I don't have any Filipino or even Asian male first cousin-in-laws haha [at least in America]. All good though, that just increases the chances the next gen of Tacordas will make the pros since apparently this gen couldn't cut it! [or even Varsity for that matter lol.] I'ma have hella mixed nephews and nieces, and I already have a few. But for real it doesn't even matter, since they're all good dudes. It's just indicative of the melting pot we live in called the Bay Area.

I still love Asian chicks though, word to that t-shirt made popular a few years ago. I always wanted to rock a "No one loves an Asian Dude" shirt just to poke fun at the whole notion, word to the Angry Asian Man.