Monday, September 08, 2008

Confessions, Part II

Just like Usher, I had to come with Part II! On my way to work today I thought of some crap, and I just stretched that our to more crap. FYI regarding my first list, I think writing that down helped alleviate some of the stuff I've confessed about, as I clean my b-button, iron my shirts and stopped wearing sneakers with bus-cas gear.

- I sometimes do the 2 second hand wash after using the bathroom
- If a loaf of bread has some mold, I’ll just eat the pieces furthest from it rather than throwing the whole bag away
- Same with cheese
- If I’m by myself, I’ll dig in my nose and just try to flick my booger as far as possible, like anywhere
- Since I got my new whip, I go through the Fastrak lane knowing they can’t send me a ticket mwuahahaha
- I think about chicks in Church when I should be praying, but then I always tell God I’m human afterwards
- When I was non-exempt, I used to really start working once my OT clocked in.
- I’ll meet some people like 10 times before knowing their name, unless of course they’re hot or make a dope first impression
- Sometimes after dropping a deuce, I’m amazed that I created that stench
- I haven’t swept my balcony in months
- I probably visit these blogs more often than the actual writers
- I check one or two Facebook pages a lil too often too
- I play the “what-if” game a lil too much
- My work keyboard is probably the dirtiest thing I use, and I don’t even trip off it
- I don’t like reminding people they owe me some scrilla
- I have a goal of wanting to listen to each track on my iPod at least once
- I haven’t balanced my e-checkbook in over a year
- Sometimes my 2 week disposable contacts last me a month
- I went to the pool solo on Saturday and I don’t even know how to swim!
- I haven’t read a book since Angels & Demons
- I haven't seen Braveheart of Fight Club or countless other "modern classics"

Aight that's enough for now. I'll probably come back in a few months with another list lol.