Monday, September 08, 2008

2008 MTV Video Music Awards

So I peeped this since I was debating if I should re-order HBO for Entourage. Hmmm I was like should I pay like $20 a month for 30 minutes of entertainment? Actually less than considering there’s no commercials, and I don’t really watch any other shows. In back of my mind Arv and Felisa have it, Mark and Rach have it, but it sucks because it shows at 10p on a school night. Alas, I’m tryna sacrifice in some places and my cable bill is already hovering ~ $100 with internet and HD and DVR so I had to make a stand. No HBO for me =(. While I doubt any of you will feel sorry for me, I’m kinda proud that I had the willpower to not order it haha. I guess I’ll find something on my 200 other stations booooooo.

A couple observations before I start going into the real reason I watch these award shows: Why doesn’t MTV have a dedicated HD channel yet? Its not that hard! I mean every other channel has that option, and you figure MTV would be at the forefront of such a movement. But nope, I just peeped it on a grainy stretch standard definition. And another thing, this Russell Brand guy [yeah, I know I wasn’t the only one to associate him with hoodies I wore from grade school to college – let’s call him the hoodie dude going forward] was a trip. Hoodie was actually the first Brit I never had to hit rewind to understand him [well Simon Cowell too]. He said some outlandish things which I guess are acceptable in his country. But lastly, I think I gave this dude too much credit for his performance in Sarah Marshall since dude was clearly not acting, that’s him in real life! But still, Hoodie entertained me and offended every other person out there.

Okay now the real reason to peep these shows – it’s the chicks. And here were the 4 dopest girls last night:

4. Britney Spears – yo for real, she looked good last night! She definitely had her MILF steez on for the day.
3. The chick in TI’s performance. Resembled the chick from the “Dangerous” video and she looked hella milk-chocolately.
2. Vanessa Hudgens – Damn she’s only 19?! I don’t care, that chick is mad pretty and cute. Plus I already seen her nekkid. Some chicks are pretty, some are cute, but rarely are they both. She qualifies!
1. Nicole Scherzinger – Dude I think I had a revelation last night when I saw her, I mean PCD, win that one award. She’s probably the flyest chick in the game now. Sorry KK and JA, yall were bumped off. Nicole now holds the crown. If only her surname were easier to pronounce though haha.