Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Damn I Wish I Understood

So today I rode with a Filipino couple, like I was their kid and they were dropping me off to school. As soon as I sit in their older Benz that had their oil, battery and check engine light on lol, the chick just been yapping non-stop so I figured she was on the phone. After about 5 minutes into the ride, I realized that she was actually talking to the driver. For real for every 100 words she said, he said like 1, and really spoke for like 10 minutes before he even uttered something. It was like she was having her own soliloquy. It was Jay and Silent Bob times 20, or a lit Rol and Al times 10 hahaha.

Researchers say the average woman says 20K words a day [and the average man 7K – guess I’m sicker than the average!], and this girl I swear fulfilled her quota during this one car trip. She was all yapping and animated and laughing, but dude was mad stoic and quiet, like how can they be having the same conversation? You know when people say something that’s unfunny, but they laugh afterward anyway? I try not to let that affect me but its just a peeve haha. [wait I just did it – guess I’m a hypocrite].

What's worse is that they didn't even have the radio on either! If I only understood Tagalog then maybe it would’ve made a lil more sense.