Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Wanna Be Saved

They say you can tell what type of person someone is by how the play golf. You could also tell how they are based on their carpool habits! Okay so this morning, I picked up this couple on my way. The guy opened the door for his chick [well chivalry is good], and then he was motioning her to scoot over. I look back thinking why homie isn’t headed towards shotgun. He goes “is it okay if I sit back here?” Man so of course I’m like “sure” and then proceed. I usually don’t feel like a taxi-cab driver but yo, today I did haha. So I was slightly perturbed at the situation, and just started weaving through traffic on the bridge to give them a true taxi-cab feel. I noticed the chick was dozing off, so I turned up the volume on Ne-Yo’s new ish so she wouldn’t get a good sleep haha.

Then I dropped them off and the chick doesn’t even utter thanks so anything, but the dude does at least. And I notice she’s all walking ahead and he rushes to catch up to her, because it looks like he’s carrying her things. So this is another type of chick I don’t like, I guess this would be a high-maintenance one? But I blame the dude too for being a captain.