Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Put This Ball in the Hole, I'm Tiger Woods

Oh yeah it would be remiss of me to not discuss my golf tournament last week. And since I’m mentioning it, that means it’s a pseudo-good thing. There were 15 of us who played at Roddy Ranch in the Och-Town [rhymes with talk and not botch – Antioch], and it was actually me who drove! Like I finally fulfilled my goal of having 4 golfers and their golfsets in a my car, so I was smiling inside. I didn’t let it be known though, since I was tryna focus on my upcoming game.

I alluded to being paired up with a couple single digiters but I held my own. I started off en fuego and was +1 through 6, then Arv mentioned “damn you’re playing hella well” so naturally the jinx came in and I swear I couldn’t hit a clean pitch shot to save me, as I played +8 over the next 6 holes. I was hitting fairways but my approach shots were a little off-target [still tryna work in my new irons], and thus my short-game was off, even though I putted decently. I was so disappointed with my wedge game that the following day I bought a new one off eBay haha.

Over the last six I calmed down a bit and shot +3, for a total score of 84 [12 over par], to finish T-2 in our foursome. Honestly I had visions of going sub-80 since I haven’t been there in years! But I have a few things to build on: 1. this is the first time in a long-arse time that I didn’t lose one ball playing 18, 2. I birdied their hardest hole on the card, and 3. I had a sand save, and everyone knows who I play golf with that sand is my kryptonite haha.

So since this was a tourney format, we had to declare our handicaps, so I put a 17 in honor of Chris Mullin [my index was really 14.3 but I added a cushion since I haven’t played in a minute – I’m no sandbagger!] I came in to the clubhouse [okay they don’t have one, it was the pro-shop] as the leader at -5 [12 less 17 for the non-golfers], while no one else was in the red. Then the final group comes in and dude shoots an 86, who I beat overall but he declared a 25 lol wtf? So he wins 1st place with an -11. So I was 2nd net and tied for 3rd non-adjusted, not bad. But I guess the real highlight was my crushing this drive around 300 yards for the long drive competition, so at least I won that haha.