Friday, September 23, 2005

I miss blogging. I really do. Then why haven't I? I can't use the busy excuse, since I'm not exactly busy. Can't use the "nothing to blog about" excuse, since there's always something to talk about. I've had a lot of thoughts going on that I want to keep to myself, and airing stuff out on a public site wouldn't be the best decision. Hence the pseudo-sabbitcal. But hey, I'm still available via phone, email, AIM and gosh darnit, even in person for you locals [and not-so-locals if you're out there].

Let's see where we last left off. Oh yeah, I'm still unemployed, but luckily I'm receiving unemployment benefits. Its not much, but at least it covers my fixed costs. Can you believe I get almost $2K a month?! That's a lotta loot for not doing anything haha. Thank you tax payers. Hmmm, let's see where that $krilla goes:

rent - 975
utilities - 100
sidekick - 75
life insurance - 40
car insurance - 120
shoe insurance - 15
petro - 100
food/drank/entertainment - 200
school loan - 150

So I can't really splurge on items, can't buy shoes, can't really save, can't really pay off debt...but at least I don't have to dip in my savings and other assets. So I guess I'm treading H20 right now. But I've been restless for the past month, so I've been interviewing more aggressively lately. I have a few potential gigs, so cross your limbs for me.

I'm thinking this time off is beneficial for me. It made me realize what I want in life, what's important and what's insignificant. But also I like to make the most out of negative situations, so possibly its just the optimist in me. For some reason, the word "optimist" looks like it means a budget eye doctor. Anyhow, I know I can't see into the future, but I can envision things manifesting [I initially used the word "unravelling" but thought that had a negative connotation, and I'm tryna stay like the addition sign]. Happiness is the ultimate goal, and I'm not saying I'm not happy now, but I know that there are elements out there that can bring me there. Maybe on a magic carpet ride or something.

I've also been praying a lot more. Praying before all my meals, even if it just top ramen. Praying before I sleep. Making a more conscious effort to go to mass [and staying for the whole celebration]. I don't even pray for myself - well i do at the end - but rather for all the problems ravaging the world. Its soooo sad looking at footage of Katrina and now the potential dangers of Rita. I might complain about my own issues and problems but I still feel extremely lucky and blessed to be in my situation, and I'm grateful for that.

Alright that's enough self-wondering for now. Did I tell yall my brother got married earlier this month? It was a pretty intimate wedding. I was a well-groomed groomsman for the 3rd time. Let it be known that I was the only brother to be a groomsman in each of my 3 bro's weddings. They say because I'm the youngest and a sucker for paying for a tux; I like to think its because I'm the cutest haha j/p. If you wanna see a little clip of the pre-wedding, click here:

Ghetto Fabulous

Big ups to Big Things Limos [yes that's their real name] for having the only black H2 in the city. He had to outdo Arv's Navigator stretch in '02. Wonder what Reeg & Future Wifey will have? I guess time will tell. Oh yeah, if you wanna see real pics holler. I thought this was more entertaining haha.

In other family news, Arv and Felisa are expecting a boy! Apparently that arrow is pointing to its "thingy," which is the term being used to describe its penis. Its due sometime in February, which is a good month I might add *wink*. Geez my family is becoming ginormous, and its only the beginning. Shoot we went to dinner the other day, just our generation, and there were 20 of us! Le Cheval is on point, if you ever wanna eat in Oakland.

So I've been watching a lot of TV lately. I wonder why. 2 things I realllly want to see: 1. Rachel Ray spending more than $40 and/or not enjoying a meal, and 2. a celebrity getting punk'd...again. For the former, that show could be soooo much better. Maybe make it $80 a day, and pick up on a guy in every city. Its funner to eat with someone else, and they can explore more food options. But yeah, I've seen that show like a dozen times, and she has yet to break the $40 threshold.

Wouldn't it be maaad funny if someone got punk'd twice? That's like getting 2 speeding tickets the same weekend. [Geez I felt soooo dumb when that happened to me =/]. I vote for Justin Timberlake. Or possibly Jessica Alba, since she got a lil sass in her. And who wouldn't want to see her? I feel it happening though, just watch [ha pun intended]. I'll tell you what show gotta go though -- that Nick Cannon Wildin' Out ish. The premise is dope, but the execution is wack. They show all the funny spots during the ads, but then I watch the show, and I can't even crack a smile! And I'm an easy dude to make smile you know. And it bugs me when every non-black character gets egged on because of their ethnicity. Just perpetuatiing stereotypes I suppose. However that Indian chick with the curry smelling cooch was maaaad funny.

7 more days until the Lanaville season premiere. Gotta reconnect the TiVo for that. And if you wanna stray away from the WB, you should watch Grey's Anatomy on Sunday. Its a great show for us QLCers haha.

Last CD bought: Little Brother - The Minstrel Show. Dope album by a dope group. They have a throwback sound, so I had to use some throwback slang ["dope"]. Here's a sample verse:

I'll scoop you up in me Porshe, sike
You know I got a Nissan
That I'm still paying for, still got a lease on
But it don't matter 'cause that ain't my aim to get you
I got fame, but you know that just ain't the issue
Because you're looking like a woman of virtue
So well-rounded, no wonder your're in my circle
And normally you probably wouldn't give me the time of day
'Cause Tay got rhymes, but no he ain't got time to waste

Phonte - Slow it Down

Gotta love it. And I'm slightly peeved that I missed their show in the Bay a couple weeks ago.

Told ya I had a lot to say. And there's even more, but I'm pretty much tired right now. I'm trying to get back to my daily grind, and I'm sitting, waiting, wishing [and hoping!] to get on track like an Olympic runner. Thanks for making it this far. Gnite!