Monday, September 26, 2005

Bloggin on BART...

Ok not really, I'm just composing it from here, like I was mozart. Man I'm pretty rusty with my analogies, so sorry in advance.

I was gonna ask my readers what are the best methods on non-verbal communication - then it hit me - it could be the blogspot medium. Sigh...1 way communication...gotta love it and hate it [if that's the case, doesn't it just cancel out?]

Anyway, I've had an interview this morn and met with another recruiter right now. Man this is getting bothersome, but it'll be all worthwhile at the end. I envision a post in the near future listing my options, and you could help me decide. I actually envision a lot of future posts, or maybe because I haven't posted in a minute. *shrug.*

Man its seemingly been a long week. Wake me before September ends is an appropriate song. Can't think of a song with 'october' in the title, but I do know of a 'sweet november' by TROOP. And hopefully it'll be sweet by then. And then it'll be 'my december.'

Anyone else peep the Grey's Anatomy premier last night? Such a well written show. No matter how successful we are in life, we all still have issues to handle. Alex is still my fav character on there, maybe because he's the complete opposite on me. He's such a d-head its comical. Plus he could take O'malley out anytime but chooses not to.

Oh yeah my last TV tidbit for the time being. Isn't Lifetime supposed 2 be a chick channel? Then why do they show Unsolved Mysteries on there?? That used 2 be my show back in the day. I love dudes voice. Anyway, I remember when me and Matty used to freestyle over that theme song. Haha good times. Anyway, I'm not sure if Ima maintain the SV recaps as I did in prior seasons...unless its captivating that is.

I swear if my Vanessa Minnillo Maxim mag doesn't come yet, I'ma be peeved like a pet. Yes I already read the article and saw the pics, but I still need the mag. I'm thinking my subscription ended right before that issue. How come I get every Nicky Hilton cover but the ones I want aren't available? I bet my mailman took my copy.

Before you know it, the future is now. I wish I could listen to my own advice, but I think I'm getting better at it...hopefully better than my segues of recent. Patience young Jedi is what I practice, and I know I can't wait too long. However, some things are just meant 2 happen. I have a particular goal, and while I probably am not taking the most direct route, I'ma get there. One of my fav rap quotes: "destiny is my destination." There's a pot of happiness if you follow the rainbow.

Next stop SSF. See ya in a bit.