Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm alive.

Wow its been that long huh. So right now I'm chillin' at *bux, enjoying a Sweet Passion Tazo Tea [venti, its only 30 cent more - shout out to the 30 Cent Crew!], blogging, surfing, and searching. For a job that is. Tired of soul-searching and sole-searching, now I gotta get job-searching!

So about a week and a half ago, I lost my employment with my former employer. Someone discovered my blog and noticed that I always posted during work related hours, losing on worker productivity. As a result, they let me go like that 3 Doors Down song.

Ok sike, that isn't the real reason. But why not post the real reason? Its not like they can terminate me again yeah? heheh yes reeg. But anyway, basically it was some corporate bullish. Think Enron, but to a mucccccch smaller scale. I have ethics yall, moms raised me right. I also like to talk to a lot of people evidently. But I'm not tripping, what doesn't kill you makes you a killer, somebody told me. It seemed like the people surrounding me are more concerned than me, and I appreciate that. Its okay girl, I'ma be alright tonight.

But I kind of like not having to set my alarm, making breakfast in the morning, wearing my Nikes on the daily [along with some cargo shorts, a Run-TMC shirt previously posted, and a camo SF lid - just for the visual]. The only problem is that unemployment is more free time, and what I like to do with free time is shop. So I've been buying ish like I have a job still hahaha. Thank God & Buddha for vacation pay [no severance however.] But for real, I haven't been wreckless with my paper, I just got little things here and there.

That Kanye dropped today, I'll probably pick it up later[egistration.] I was always a closet fan of his, so it would be pretty hypocritical if I bought John Legend's and Common's joint and passed his up. Its only 10 bones anyhow.

Anyway, back to reality. Its funny how life takes on a series of events. Maybe its not all coincidental.