Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Retail therapy leads to buyers remorse which leads to more retail therapy. Its a visicous cycle I tell you. Basically the lessoned to be learned is SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS. Remember them Diesel pants I blogged about the other day [well like a couple months ago]? I wasn't really feeling them anymore, and as a result I returned them. And as a further result, I bought another pair. Witness the cycle. But I'm satisfied with this pair. Ain't it funny how its called "a pair of jeans," or "a pair of scissors," or "a pair of boobs"...I mean, they can't be singular yeah?

And you know that black/white Polo pictured below? So I got my extra medium, and it fit waaay too young on me, like my nipples couldn't breathe. So I checked the site looking if they had an L, and of course they sold out. I had to return it to the Polo store and was SOL of the shipping costs. So I ended up paying like $80 for a polo shirt and some swimming trunks, which is soooo not a deal at all. I felt violated. And then a week later, I peep the site again, and of course they have an L available. Talk about a double whammy yo.

And I haven't bought a pair of non-bowling or non-dress kicks since that Jordan IV release. That's almost been 2 whole months! You think its a coincidence I didn't get any kicks and not blogged the past month? I think not. Honestly this has been my biggest drought since I don't know when. You should see my "clothing: shoes" summary in Microsoft Money. Or maybe not haha. Hmmm, maybe that's why I slowed down huh? But since I didn't any kicks, I had to buy something! Alas, I got a new used driver. Too bad I had it for like 2 weeks and still haven't tested it out yet, so if anyone wants to go to the range hollla hollla hollla [in a John Legend voice.] I guess the iPizzle will have to wait another month. Or maybe I just wasn't meant to get one? Oh well, that's just more loot to waste in Vega$.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm crying too much. Please pass the e-tissue.