Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Movie Review:
Wedding Crashers

So the other day, I went on a mandate (get it? Man-Date? ha!) with Roland to peep this movie. Of course we sat a seat apart and shared no popcorn, but unfortunately this couple wanted to sit together so we obliged and ended up sitting next to each other. Luckily we kept the armrest down so there wouldn't be any physical contact. Also my posture was leaning towards the opposite side of him, just so he wouldn't get any ideas. Okay now that we have that established, let's discuss the film. 3 words: Hil-Lar-Rious! Movie was beyond funny. I *heart* Vince Vaughn [Swingers, Zoolander, Old School, etc] and this flick is comparable to that. Laughs were constant throughout the film, and its running time was almost 2 hours! LOL @ the dinner table scene. LOL @ the bedroom scene. LOL @ the football field scene. LOL @ the whole damn movie. But this isn't just a raunchy comedy about dudes doing whatever to get a piece of arse, there also is a love story involved. It might even qualify as a chick flick! Oh yeah, Rachel McAdams is a new entry on the top 25 list.

4.5 bridesmaids out of 5.