Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Confessions of a Sneakerhead, part 300:

So those in The Know know that I've been bowling almost religiously each Wednesday for the past few months. And anyone who's been to a bowling alley knows the shoes there are horrendous. I've been reluctantly renting these kicks just for the time being [plus its only a buck.] Wait, I've already told this story to Cici [wow 3 straights mentions for you - it must be your lucky day!], so I'ma cut and paste it from an email correspondence:

as far as shoes, my friends didn't think i'd get a pair since nike doesn't make any. they have like dexter, brunswick, etc...all these un-hip kicks. and u know i can't actually buy them.

so what's reeg to do? actually i knew nike made bowling shoes back in the day. so where else do i look but ebay of course! its like virtually impossible to find a brand new pair of bowling kicks, so i settled for a like-new pair. all i know is that i'll have the hottest kicks @ the alley, even though they're from 1984! i'll just clean them up (shoe tip: magic eraser works wonders.)

The story isn't finished! So I've had them in my bag, waiting to lace them up. Suspense was brewing amongst my bowling buddies, but they knew I had some hot ones. Alas, I put them on and felt like Lil Bow Wow in Be Like Mike when he found those magic shoes! [okay not really, but you get the point.] Anyway, I was first to bowl, and I bowled a strike in the first frame! However I should've quit after that moment since my next strike came like 2 games after haha. =(