Monday, June 20, 2005

The weekend that was:

Friday: Got a haircut wooooo! I usually wait 21-23 days between haircuts, but for some reason this interval was almost 5 weeks. Not sure why, since I was 'fro-ing it the last couple weeks. Maybe it was a form of rebellion. Anyway, getting a haircut is one of them simple pleasures that makes you happy. Unless your stylist effs it up, then it makes you pissed.

Had dinner @ Park Chow's with Roland and Ant (where you @ MSB?) then met up with Alan and them @ Fire-something bar. Tried a drink out called "Summer," supposedly in honor of Rachel Bilson. So you know I had to try it out! Not bad, but I doubt I'll try it again. We ate again @ JT's, and damn I straight ate like a lechon the whole day. I didn't even mention the Popeye's for lunch. Belch.

Saturday: Went to the A's game with the A's fanatics. Jefe & Nick got serious issues man. I thought I was bad with my G-Tech basketball obsession, but they take it to a whole 'nother level. I was supposed to meet Nick at Bart about 1.5 hours before the game, but homie wanted to secure a free trucker hat, so he shows up at the game like 2 hours early. I said eff it, I don't need no hat, so I show up at game time. And I still got the damn hat. The highlight of the game was reading the Jessica Alba interview in Complex Mag (woohooo I finally got my first issue!) Anyway, at least it gave me a reason to rock these.

Played in the half-tournament @ Dan's crib, and if I didn't do too well I wouldn't be posting about it yeah? 24 players, $720 in prize money. Back in college, I always used to wear a red polo shirt on days of Finals. Maybe some of you Gaucho's would remember. So anyway, I said why not try it for the tourney? Furthermore, I wanted to rock these (CoaSH installment soon coming), so I figured a red polo shirt would complement them well. I was drained, but still managed to do alright. Got a few lucky breaks, but everyone knows its better to be lucky than good. I was pleased with my 2nd place showing.

Sunday: Pops was out of town, so we didn't have a gathering or anything. In honor of him possibly subliminally, my brother Ryan and his wifey asked me to take them to the driving range. I guess the smarter you are, the less athletic you are too? (Me being the exception.) Haha just teasing, but Ryan is worst male golfer in the fam. I've improved the game of many pupils, but this one may be the most challenging of them all.

Continuing on the golf tip, I watched the US Open. Congrats to the NZ'er Michael Campbell for winning. Goosen choked, but I liked him even more when I found out he's sponsered by Grey Goose. That's so hot, getting all the GG you want. Its kinda punny too, Goosen...Goose? Get it? So if that was me, I guess I'd have Taco Bell endorse me?? (Yep that was horrible.)

Wow finally a championship-level game. I shall never call Robert Horry Robert Whorry no more. He's cemented his status as a Gamer. I just want to see him win MVP.