Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Retro shoes, retro clothes, retro music. So it was only a matter of time until the retro blog came! I came across this idea a few months ago, inspired by the RZA, and didn't feel compelled to write one until now. Me and Nimz were talking about Matty chilling in Goleta still, and it almost inspired me to come up with something. It also hit me like a freight truck - we've done graduated almost 4 years ago to this date! Alas, hit rewind and here/hear it goes:


June 14th, 2001

Dear ReegSpeak,

As you know its been a hectic week for me, probably my mostest hectic ever. Ish is bananas yo. Anxious and scared, grad day is in a few. After nights of partying and days of taking finals, its come down to this. Let's see the week's highlights:

~ Lesbian fest downtown. I'm not gonna name drop anyone, but if you wanna see pics, my email addy is on the right.
~ Prof. Stewarts Black Studies final, where 1. all the answers were true, 2. he gave us a "cheat sheet" which was the actual final, and 3. the final is 100% of your grade. Damn I wish every class was like that.
~ After our last final, me, Aki, Greg, Nimz and Hugo started pounding 40s on campus at around 11am in the morning. Nimz probably didn't finish his.
~ Damn I've bowled my highest score ever - around a buck-fitty! Not sure if I was inspired by the Hom-osexuals bowling prowess (dude's good), but somehow I kept knocking 'em down, just like my jumpers in basketball class.
~ Me, Matty and RZA all rocking our Patent Leather Jordans on the last day of basketball class. Damn them shoes are fresh. Somehow someway RZA robbed me of the class MVP trophy...I'll get him back one day.
~ Fresh's birthday @ E-bar. Its only fitting this was one of the first restuarants we ate at freshman year. Thanks for the group shot mayn.
~ I just remember Flaming Dr. Peppers at Dawns, Trish's, Jenina's and Liza's pad. Do not remember much else that night, and it was only a couple days ago.
~ Did I mention the Lesbian fest downtown?
~ The year-end party at Santa Ynez. Bet you thought SY could get turned out like that! That's all I could say about that.

So what's next? I'll probably go to the PI during the summer, chill @ home for a minute, then move to LA in the fall. Not like I have a choice, since I'm being forced to move down there. Then we'll see where that takes me...