Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Oh the irony of life. So yesterday after work I went to Best Buy to pick up X&Y by Coldplay (and am listening to it right now - man I use waaay too many parentheses.) I walk around the store and just look at plasmas, not because I wanna buy one (not yet anyway) but just to shop. I rocked a royal blue Polo the other day and shall never rock it with khakis. Anyway, Best Buys were made so that they're away from a mall atmosphere. When you go there, you go there for a purpose and not to casually stroll through. Think of the older Best Buys around...yep, there's nothing really around them. Not the one in Colma though. I went to Nordstrom Rack to peruse through the kicks and naturally end up buying a pair of jeans. Retail therapy works wonders. Oh yeah, I've never spent over $40 on a pair of jeans before yesterday. But at least I didn't spend over a C-Note on them.

Damn who would've thought 5 years ago I would've been listening to Coldplay and rocking Diesel denim. Please shoot me.