Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Return of the Metros, Volume II:

Some of you may recall my past conversation with the former roomy. Here goes another one. Sorry to put you on blast Nimz.

nimz1831: i got some steve maddens
nimz1831: and some paper denim jeans
nimz1831: so im full metro now, hahahaah ^^
reegsta: ...
nimz1831: nah
reegsta: yeah u are...u gotta dust off the wu-wear man
nimz1831: thats my club attire, mayn
nimz1831: i still dress the same
nimz1831: no doubt
reegsta: u got paper denim and diesel
reegsta: damn...
reegsta: too bad the inseams are always long on me
nimz1831: ya.. i get them fixed
reegsta: how much extra?
reegsta: like twomp?
nimz1831: nah
nimz1831: moms
nimz1831: !
reegsta: lol
reegsta: thats hotter
reegsta: get the straight leg and not the boot cut
reegsta: it'll eff it up when u hem it
nimz1831: how so?
reegsta: boot cut? b/c of the flare
reegsta: duh
nimz1831: how will it get messed up if its hemmed?
reegsta: i meant if u hemmed boot cut jeans...naw mean?
reegsta: nm...not sure if i'm making sense haha
reegsta: carry on
nimz1831: ya i know what ur sayin
nimz1831: but dont see how it'll get messed up!
nimz1831: cuz the boot cut will be too high?
nimz1831: the part where it gets bigger?
reegsta: not messed up per se....yeah thats what i mean
reegsta: i think...
reegsta: u heard of rogan and ernest sewn?
nimz1831: nah
reegsta: lies
reegsta: just more premium denim
nimz1831: oh
nimz1831: nah never heard lol
nimz1831: DUDE UR METRO!
nimz1831: u know those brands!
nimz1831: GTFO
reegsta: lol
reegsta: sorry man...still in the market for a pair
nimz1831: lol
nimz1831: i got a good pair of diesel jeans i know u'd wear
nimz1831: straight legged
nimz1831: crotch isnt up to ur stomach
reegsta: oh yeah...u were suppose to get me the model remember
nimz1831: i was? ah my bad
nimz1831: ill check it 2nite
reegsta: no biggie....don't wanna cop your steeez
nimz1831: lol
nimz1831: not my steeze, mayn
nimz1831: sale !
nimz1831: man
nimz1831: maybe i should move to the bay
nimz1831: everyone tells me i'd fit in better there
nimz1831: and i'd enjoy it more
reegsta: yeah we have a diverse gay population
nimz1831: ...