Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It seems ever since June happened, people have been blogging less, including yours truly. Or maybe that's always been the case, as it just applies to me now. You know like when you buy a new car, like a Lexus, then you notice way more Lexi on the streets? They were always there, its just you notice them more now. There's gotta be a name for this type of mental behavior.

How bout write a blog about why I don't blog? Wouldn't that be funny?

~ Moreso I've been away from my comp for lunch, so when I'm at desk I feel I should work. Heck, I don't even surf eBay as much nowadays, so don't be offended Ms. Blogger.

~ Contrary to belief, I still interact with people. And I talk about stuff that potentially could make it to these pages. Since I don't like repeating myself, I don't post.

~ SV has been off the air for a few weeks, so I don't have that consistency as I did before. During the summer I take a KK hiatus (save for the wallpaper.)

~ I'd much rather be a doer than a sayer (easier said than done haha.) Yeah yeah I keep talking about how I need to learn to swim. Heck, I went through the archives the other day, and I said how I needed to swim back way back in '03. It's gonna be '06 in a few months. So the next time I talk about swimming, it shall be about how the class went (right guys???)

~ It seems that I'm disenchanted with all my loves - hip-hop, shoes, sports, etc. Not sure if I'm becoming a bitter old man, but they don't strike a chord with me like they used to. Or maybe there's just something else out there that my skew my perspective.

~ Sometimes you want to be a shell and not be bothered. Be in your own little world. I think I need to create Reeg-Time (damn I think I jacked that from someone out there....props.) This basically consists of having time to myself, which basically means doing absoltutely nothing. Surprisingly though that gets boring after awhile.