Thursday, June 02, 2005

Let's see what I could write about:

1. Shoes (umm, I'm behind on my COASH installments)
2. LA (kind of had the abbreviated version below)
3. Sports (go Spurs!)
4. Life (naw maybe I've been a lil too open)
5. Muzik (sure why not?)

When I went down to LA, Fresh was surprised that I've been listening to the likes of Green Day/Weezer, etc, noting that Greg would be proud. Truth be told, my non-rap music seeds were planted during my latter SB years. I guess he didn't take note, since I did play hip-hop primarily. Anyway, my recent acquisitions are the following, with a brief recap for each:

Common - Be
Yes it is a hot album, but people are calling it classic. Personally I think its hard to call an album a classic off the bat, since one of the traits of being a classic album is to withstand the test of time. On one hand I'm happy for the guy who invented the term "extra-medium," but on the other hand, I'm like where were all these fans when the certified classic Resurrection dropped? "I Used to Love HER" is a top-10 song for me. Go watch Brown Sugar. But yeah, I guess whatever Kanye touches turns to gold, or hopefully platinum in this case.

4.5 corners out of 5

Keane - Hopes & Fears
I'm a lil late on this album, but I wanted to pick it up ever since I've heard their first single. I'm not sure if I'm depressed before hearing the music or just sad while listening to the album, but its not really a cheery album. The music is good though. Its one of those mood albums I suppose. Song titles like "We Might as Well be Strangers" and "Everybody's Changing" (my fav song on the joint) don't really make a happy face.

4 smileys out of 5

De La Soul - The Grind Date
Another album which I'm tardy. Now this is what good hip-hop is about. Beats & Lyrics. Pretty simple huh? While I haven' bought a De La album since Stakes is High, which was in 1995, which was 10 years ago. Man this is the album where you know no song titles, you just stick it in and play it without skipping a track. I'd recommend song titles, but I don't know any!

4 buddies out of 5

Jamie Cullum - twentysomething
Now this is a cd that's different from others in my music collection, which is a good thing. Its almost like elevator music. Or background music at a nice restuarant. He's like a male Norah Jones? Maybe that's a stretch. Anyway, I do fall in the demographic he sings about (hence the album title), so maybe I'm more in tune to the lyrics. My fav song is "It's About Time," which melody so reminds me of Case's "I'll be Missing You." Its a hot song, you should peep it.

4 piano keys out of 5

Guily guilty guilty music pleasure: "Untitled" by Simple Plan. Haha and I was just poop-talking about them the other day.