Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dear City of Angels,

Long time no see huh? I haven't been seen you in slightly over 2 years, but although some things have changed, most of you remained the same. All I really wanted was to eat at Roscoe's and Pink's, and that I did.

~ The drive back up wasn't that bad considering it was a 3day weekend.
~ Thank God I had my SK. And thank yall for endangering me with all them texts/IMs/phone calls.
~ Coalinga smells like poop, and I don't have vent shutters.
~ Its a problem when you think $2.24 for a gallon of petro is cheap.
~ Can you believe I didn't even buy anything besides food and drink?
~ Lucky Strike is possibly the coolest bowling alley ever.
~ Garlic/Shrooms/Jalepeno is a pretty interesting pizza combination.
~ Fresh has a phat arse television.
~ I remembered how vast LA is by driving through areas of the city for the first time, such as historic filipinotown.
~ I love the enclaves down there, some big (K-town) and others small (Etheophia).
~ The weather was beautiful, as were the people. Damn it seemed like everyone was fit.
~ Even if you haven't seen people in literally years, its good to know that they're the same person you remember.
~ I should visit more often. It was cool hearing people tell me that I should move back, like yall miss me or something. I miss you too.