Monday, June 20, 2005

Movie Review:
Mr. & Mr. Smith

This movie was entertaining, but wasn't necessarily good. I think a deaf person could've enjoyed it by just soaking in all the visual action. And eye-candy as well. Dang Mr. Pitt & Mrs. Jolie are some beautiful people. I doubt their kids would be hot, since they say beauty skips a generation. However, my folks are beautiful, so it throws that notion out =P. Man, I wish I was like in Maddox's class. Imagine how many friends he would get simply because of his moms. Does that make Angelina Jolie a MILF? She is technically a mother, but she's never given birth. Hmmm, there's should be a different name for them. It doubly sucks because my moms name is Angelina too. Great, 2 out of my top 3 are named like my sister and moms. =/

Oh yeah, about the flick. Very cool gadgetry, cool stunts, but unrealistic action. They were on some Terminator/Robocop invincibility. The flick had its moments, including a reference to Filipinos (not necessarily favorable). Vince Vaughn's character stole a few scenes as well. And Mr. Rachel Bilson should stick to the OC (naw, he was decent...I'm just hating.) I have no idea how Nicole Kidman was originally picked to play Mrs. Smith's part.

3 out of 5 Smiths