Friday, June 24, 2005

One of my passions is online shopping. You could shop for anything on the internet. You could shop at the buttcrack of dawn in your boxers 365 days a year. But you also could shop when you're pretending to work! Alas, that's what I did the past hour. has a special promotion where everything is 40%, so you know I had to go like I was in an insane asylum (re: crazy). For a lot of the stuff already on sale, sizes were limited to like smalls only. And I don't like my shirts that young. Anyway, I picked up a few pieces:

The ever-evasive purple polo multicoplor logo shirt in an extra medium:

The black/white multicolor logo shirt in an extra medium:

Some new swim cargo trunks in an extra medium (okay i'll stop saying that):

A patchwork polo (this is hot!):

Haha sike...I didn't really buy this last shirt. Too bad they didn't have my size =P. As you can tell, I like the multicolor logo lots.

So all in all, I saved like $100! (But the accountant in me is saying, "No Reeg, you spent $125," but then I just tell him to "STFU!" and he hushes like a puppy.) So if anyone wants the code, just holler. It expires on July 5th.