Thursday, June 23, 2005

I haven't had a grab bag in a minute, so here we go:

~ Last night I realized that my previous post about the checks didn't make sense. About the $3.00 check, I received it rather than wrote it. Hope I didn't confuse yall.

~ I bowled a 155 last night! Okay so its nothing to write home about (err maybe so), but I haven't broken the buck-fitty barrier in awhile, if ever. Bowling kicks here I come.

~~ $1 games, $1 shoe rentals, $1 beers, $1 margaritas, $1 hot dogs, $1 jello shots, $1 nachos, $1 french fries. Dollar dollar bills yall will take you further here than at Centerfolds.

~~~ We bowled so many games (7 in all), my body is starting to look like that dude in the upper left. (Or maybe that's just an excuse? ha sike!)

~ I hope the Spurs win it all tonight. Do yall remember that group of kids that called themselves the Spurs Club or something? Basically their mission was to devirginize as many girls as possible. I wonder how they'd keep track.

~ AnakngBayan: hey...i stumbled upon your blog today
AnakngBayan: you still haven't lost your sense of humor

I'll take this to be a good thing.

~ So my brother bought me that "Hip Hop is Dead" shirt that I posted awhile ago. In an extra medium. I suppose he visits here, or maybe we have crazy telepathy.

~ I think I need to change my hair products. Ish is beginning to flake like that Jack Johnson song.

~ Woohoo got my guitar! Watch out John Mayer. Or I just might do acoustic raps like Pac's and Nas's Thug Mansion rendition.

~ I think I'ma buy this piece to place above the love sofa. What cha think?

~ Sometimes when I drop a load, nothing comes out. But I still wipe.

~ Toilet seat covers confuse me, so I just don't use them. The toilets are washed daily so it doesn't really matter.

~ Haha I'm really kidding about that above. But really, does the shiny side face up or down? Also, are you supposed to break the preforation yourself or let the excretions handle that?

~ To understand a woman you have to think like a woman. Maybe that explains all my feminine tendencies. All 2 of them.

~ Go Spurs!