Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Usually when I see a check clear my account, I get annoyed. It could be a $1000 check or a $10 check (or a $3.00 check a certain ROoMMatE[L] wrote to me in college when I spotted him for some laundry money), since I just don't like to see my balance dip baby dip.

However, the checked that cleared today is a different story. My car is finally paid off and it got me thinking. I knew my folks would never get me a whip. Back in the day, we had like 2 cars to share among 6 drivers, excluding me. With me being the youngest, it basically made me last on the Tacorda (aka Totem) poll. So whenever I could use the car, it would be like on Tuesday morning between 4:00 and 5:30am. Whatever, I'll be goin to college so it wouldn't be a biggie (let's just pretend I had my license at this point.) So I go through the first 3 years of college carless, but towards the end of junior year, I'm wishing for a whip.

So where there's a will there's a way. I hustled that whole summer and done worked like everyday. I skimped out on meals and only bought one pair of kicks the whole summer! (Canada/Euro exclusive Air Max Plus in the Blk/Gry colorway for those wondering.) I was determined to save enough $krill to 1. cover the down, 2. make payments for an additional year, and 3. pay for insurance for the year, since I hate working and going to school @ the same time. Additionally, I wanted to pay for the whole ish myself, so my folks did me a favor by not offering me anything haha. All good though, buying crap yourself makes you appreciate it that much more. Imagine that, a not-so-poor, not-so-broke and not-so-lonely college kid making car payments already.

I was gonna get a used bucket, but interest rates were higher. As a result, I bought a new bucket instead. Since I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind, I went with the economical choice. Funny, my car in college was worth 3x as it is now. Darn straight-line, not double-declining depreciation.

Now its time to upgrade my whip! (After I stop paying rent though. Guys, please listen to E-40: Don't buy a $85,000 car, before you buy a house!)

Lesson learned: Have a goal, then go out to achieve it.