Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's...gone" - Janet Jackson & Joni Mitchell & Q-Tip

Unfortunately I've never taken advantage of my roommates through the years. Not sexually you perverts, but rather what their interests and prowesses were. Since I'm living like Nick Lachey's last album (read: Soul-o), I think I've missed my opportunity for that. Let's hit rewind on the VCReeg and see what he missed:

Freshman Year: Tony was a crazy sk8er and surfer. Done went everyday and asked my everyday if I wanted to learn, but of course gangstas don't sk8 or surf, so I just stayed in bed. Now I wish I could do either. Rob was a crazy smoker. Done smoked out everyday and asked me if I wanted to take a hit everyday haha. Some of yall might remember. But of course I passed, not to be confused with "puff puff pass," and just played video games with them. Alas, I still haven't smoked out.

Sophomore Year: Living with a junior (special) olympic swimmer should have at least taught me to float. But CallWave couldn't even teach my in high school so I guess I'm not surprised college turned out the same.

Soph/Jr/Sr Year: We done had 4 turntables at the house for the majority of my college life. Yet I've never learned to mix, cut or skratch (besides my balls.) Maybe Nimz and E-Fresh were just too intimidating on the 1200s. They've always told me I could use their tables whenever I wanted, but I was content to just play records on them. Shoot, I could've used a TEAC record player for that.

2001-2002: Living with Fresh again, I wanted to learn to drive stick. I don't know an Asian dude who loves muscle cars more than him, so this was my opportunity to learn. Actually, he did give me the keys to the cobra once (I think I blogged about it), but still I haven't learned.

2003-2004: I lived with another car dude/smoker and another surfer. Wow, the roommate gods were giving me another chance! Ray done worked on his bikes and cars like everyday and was supposed to show me to change my oil at least. But of course I never had car problems until after I moved out durrrr. Anyway, I haven't smoked out yet and still don't know how to drive stick haha.

2005: All by myself. I've worked on my car, but still don't know how to drive stick. How does a dude with 4 older brothers not know how to drive stick? Yes kuyas, I blame this on yall. I ain't trippin' bout smoking out, since I'm high on life. And swimming lessons commence in a couple weeks!

Disclaimer: Man, I don't want it to sound like I'm all living in the past, I just had these thoughts occupy my mind the other day. I was like, why can't I do this ish? So I was reviewing earlier chapters in my personal Odyssey and came to the conclusion - I'm just a lazy mothereffer haha. Anyway, since I like geometric stuff, here's a closing quote for symmetry:

"If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, you're pooping on the present"