Thursday, March 18, 2004

Wow its already Thursday and I haven't posted yet. I wanted to earlier this week (really) but when I did, the blogger site was down. I took it as a sign of not posting. In about 15 minutes is the genesis of March Madness, arguably the most wonderful time of the year, no offense to Christmas. 2 words: GO TECH. OH Pleeeeeeease let us advance the farthest.

Its been a pretty busy week also, plus I've been getting here at 8 and leaving around 6. Man know I know how busy season feels! Another reason for my expected busyness (not business) is that our accounting manager is on maternity leave. Check it: she delivered on Feb 15, a Sunday. But her last day of work was that Friday the 13th! If that's not a soldierette I don't know what is. Plus she sometimes is working from home. Talk about a slacker!

I have a lot of t-shirts, so I try not to buy anymore. Plus I cap by t-shirt budget so I won't spend more than 10 bones on a shirt, but I do break that rule pretty often, so I guess I'm lenient towards myself. However, I saw the DOPEST t-shirt ever online. It was $20 + shipping! So considering that would cost like $28, I still bought it. As I'm waiting for my shirt to come, I get the email saying it was out of stock. What a heartbreaker like Jennifer Love Hewitt. They do have a size XL, but I wanted the LG, and if not that, then the MED. Maybe if this was 1996 I would've got the XL. Now I'ma size Extra Medium. I'm sure you're interested in what the shirt looks like, so here it goes: