Friday, March 12, 2004

I made a couple updates to the wessyde on my page. Ya notice it? No that's not my foot, but it would be pretty cool if it were. It was shown in an art exhibit. And I'm reading this new book about a teenage drug dealer who primarily sells to kids of affluent parents. "Affluent" is a funny word. If I was an ESL guy, and sometimes I am, I would think I to be affluent is to master the language, or something to do with speaking. Oh the intricacies of the English language.

I've been blog constipated for awhile, as opposed to my blog diarrhea last week. Not sure why. Oh you could always use the work excuse. Yeah its been busy lately, but its not like I'm doing OT or anything.

I think my sister has a boyfriend. This has made the reegsta concerned. Usually we'd call each other daily just to talk about whatever, ever since we got cell phones and had free long distance. She would call me anytime of the day, like at 3am. She be like "Ugly! Why are you awake?!" I'm like, "uhh, because my phone was ringing." Instead of Reeg or even kuya, she calls me Ugly. At least its not Fugly. But yeah, she's never had a BF before. And she doesn't call me no more. I have been speculating this for a lil bit, but the kicker occurred in the last couple days. There was a pair of kicks that she really wanted, and I told her I'd throw down half for her. But she didn't call me back! I'm not sure how I should handle this situation.