Tuesday, March 09, 2004

"The greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th" - Canibus

Ok, he's probably not the GOAT (greatest of all time), but he's definitely up there. I recall that day in 1997, I had just came back from a round of golf only to learn that Biggie had died the night earlier. Funny, I learned 2pac died also after returning from the driving range. Maybe I shouldn't golf anymore? As I bumped Biggie in my car and on my work speakers, I reminisce about this talented rapper and what he was capable of fulfilling. He no doubt left a void, probably a space that no one can fill.

I also remember that day in 1995. His first album had been out for a few months, generating some buzz. As I was making my weekly record store rounds, Biggie comes walking in Creative Music in SF. In this sweltering heat, homeboy was rocking some tight leather pants! Regardless, he came in unannouced, much to the surprise of about a dozen patrons in the store. The owner blurts out if anyone wants his autograph. Being the starry-eyed 16 year old, I rushed to the counter to get my free 8x10. The following dialogue ensues:

me (nervous): Hi.
biggie: What's up?
me (still nervous): How's it going?
biggie: Chillin'. How do you spell your name?
me: Regan. R-E-G-A-N. (imagine a spelling bee competition)
biggie: Cool. There you go.
me: Thanks man.
biggie: No problem.

I get my 8x10 with the inscription, "To Regan, Keep Bangin'. BIG" Many of you probably have seen it hang in my rooms through the years. I often had it next to my "THINK!" poster - creating the conundrum "THINK BIG." Who would've thought that would be my closest encounter with hip-hop royalty? RIP Christopher Wallace.