Monday, March 08, 2004

Last night I was organizing my papers around my desk area at home. I came across a parking ticket I received a few months back. And usually I don't pay these right away because I'm irritated by the fact that I received one. However I never did receive the follow up letter that's automatically sent out when the ticket is still outstanding after 3 weeks. Of course I thought nothing of it and thought I would have to pay it when I reregister my car or something. They'll eventually get me. Anyhow, I was looking at the ticket, and I realized that the officer incorrectly wrote down my license plate #! And he also didn't enter the VIN # either. Looks like I got over on that one! Overjoyed, I proceeded to tear the ticket it half. Ladies and gents, that is not possible. These tickets are made out of super paper and they not but torn in half. Go get a ticket and try it. I was able though to tear it in half length-wise, not width-wise.

Lesson of the day: never pay your parking tickets on time.