Friday, March 05, 2004

I've never had a 5 for 5 week, or have I? Whichever the case, I feel like Joltin' Joe. Is that a baseball reference? Must be close to spring training. Or it must be all that steroid talk. We all should know though that March is reserved for college basketball. My friends, this is the only even that matters in March. The Madness (even though it officially ends in April). So thats means root for the Jackets, and boo dook. As I am starting to say, Fuke Duck.

I'm writing this even though my lunch had just finished. I must be getting restless and anstey. My desk is messy and my To-Do list (the work one) to longer than ever. Friday afternoons aren't very productive for me. Thinking back, its been like that for awhile. I made the grave mistake or scheduling a Friday class frosh year, and was so traumatized by the ordeal I never had class on Friday again. Maybe those Thursday nights had something to do with it? Whatever, I should be more active on a Friday. Starting next Friday that is.

Yahoo! Launch is a pretty dope service. I <3 internet radio. Oh yeah, I take back what I said about ClearChannel. They must of heard me. Not many things excite me, but I get a tingly sensation whenever I hear "throwback fridays" on 106. You know some dope muzik is gonna be played. Maybe I should just listen to radio on Wed and Fri mornings. Rappers are lazy nowadays. Remember how they used to make 2 versions? The dirty one and the radio one? Now every other word is beeped and the listener is left with a pourous version. Use substitute words! I do. Arsehole. Freak.

Have a good weekend. I'm out like Martha Stewart!