Thursday, March 18, 2004

Oh yeah, before I leave for Sin City, I updated my kicks section. I figured it would be waay more time efficient if I took a group pic than solo pics. Man I love zapatos.

I have a gambling problem, which isn't good if you're going there. I learned there are 2 types of gamblers: professionals and amateurs. Pros play with probability, and amateurs play the the idea of possibility. Think about it. We are blinded by the stacks of "high society," but most of the time its not possible. But it could be! My goal each time I go is to obviously win, but not head to the ATMs there. I hate paying non-BofA transaction fees.

Wish me luck. But moreso, wish GEORGIA TECH luck, for I have them winning in all my brackets. See you next week, and hopefully I'll be a little richer.