Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Hi, my name is Regan. I have a gambling problem. Ok maybe not really, I guess a few people do actually gamble their rent money. But they probably win. Not the reegsta. There was a reason why I haven't been there in about 16 months, even if my fam had just bought a crib there - a pretty nice one at that, better than the pics! But anyways, since this was my first Bay-to-LV drive (I've done the LA-LV drive, but not the SB-LV drive), I figured it to be memorable. Note to self: never do this drive again. It takes a long time. So we arrive at like 4:30am Thursday nite, or Friday morn if you wanna be technical. We get a tour of the house, find our rooms, call in sick (*cough*) and sleep soon after. I capped myself to lose a maximum of 5 bills, which is not the correct mentality to have! Well neither is the idea of quadrupling your skrill either. Anyways, that following night we hit up Mandalay Bay, and I lost about a buck fify in about 15 minutes. That's 6 hours to make it and a 1/4 hour to lose it. Not a very good ratio! With that in mind, I decide to take a break. Me and V-may are waiting for my brothers to arrive, since they had to pick up some folks at McCarron. A casino isn't the best place to wait it. The tables are calling your name literally. Trying to redeem myself at Luxor didn't help, and I probably lost 2 bills that night. Having shorter pockets sobered me up, so I guess that made me the designated driver. We went over to the California Hotel (not the Hotel California) in old town Vegas and ate. Considering it was Saturday morning technically, I went ahead and ordered a NY steak for $3.99. And it was pretty good. We hopped in the van and everyone crashes, so suffice to say we get lost as I'm trying to navigate the desert at 4 in the morn. I can't wait til I have GPS in my own car. As we arrive, the suns about to rise.

On Saturday we go shopping, and I'm still depressed about my losses, so I didn't buy anything. Or maybe the fact that I didn't see anything I liked had more to do with it? Well I thought the Primm outlet was better last time, even though they are opening an AE there (whoooo!). So we shopped, we ate, we watched basketball, and prepared for our last night out. We head to Palms, and there's mad people there. Not mad as in angry, but mad as in hella. Rain cost like 2 twomps plus a 2 hour wait. I forgot all along that this was spring break weekend for a lot of honeys, umm, I mean college students. Oh to be a collegian once again. Well whatever now. V-may for some reason wants to play War, and it wasn't at any of the casinos we've been to. So we take a taxi to Harrah's, and we probably had the dopest/craziest/zaniest taxi driver ever. This guy had mad road rage, was funny, and crazy - doing u-turns on the right lane on a 2 way street! Anyways, we go and find the War table, and its full and no one is leaving for awhile. We say screw it, let's play Pai Gow. Of course we pick the game when you win, you'll lose anyways because of commission. Remember my cap of 5? That quickly changed to 3. And it reached 3 even faster. As I'm waiting for V-may to finish losing her money, I just try to get as many free drinks as I can.

However, I am proud of myself in 2 ways. Even though I didn't win, I didn't lose as more than I budgeted (true accountant yo!). Also, I never went to the ATM, and those probably talk louder than the tables. To offset my losses I'm selling a couple pairs of kicks too (I guess I should airbrush a couple pairs out on that current pic). But of course I turn around and bought another pair this morning =/. That's another blog right there.

Sunday morning we leave, and luckily I didn't have to drive at all. Thank God for Arby's, as myself, my brother and his wifey gave up fast food for lent. Ignore the fact that Arby's was situated between a Jack and a T-Bell, it's not fast food! Not when you have to give them your name. Plus its basically a deli anyways. Funny, the last time I ate there was my last time in LV, but in Barstow and not in Bakersfield. Thank God alsofor mMode (even though ATTWS sucks), for I was able to follow my beloved YELLOW JACKETS pull out a victory on their way to the SWEET 16. And because GT advanced, this weekend wasn't so bad GO TECH!