Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I haven't concocted a list in awhile, and I feel like typing a lot today. So I'll do my best Letterman inpersonation. Without further ado...

top ten list of things i hate to do yet still do

10. When I put my TV on sleep, its on the Food Channel. Not a good idea to think of food before you eat.
9. Hit the OFF button instead of SNOOZE on my alarm. And waking up frantically thinking you've overslept - but its Saturday morning.
8. Going to sleep for "five" minutes. We all know we're not gonna wake up in five minutes - might as well call it a night.
7. Work. I need some type of income I guess.
6. Eat unhealthy. Its alright in moderation, but usually its the norm and not the exception.
5. Tell myself to go to the gym but the comfort of being home takes over, so I don't go.
4. Making a list of stuff to do, but I lose the list, so none of the stuff gets done! I need a Palm.
3. Losing eyedrops and chapstick. I swear I have never ever ever finished one of these.
2. When I do laundry, I don't fold the clothes right away, but like 1-3 days afterward. And the best time to fold clothes is right out of the dryer when they're warm.
1. Farting in an empty elevator, because its not gonna be empty for long. This happened yesterday.

There really isn't any order, just the order that it came to mind. You can attribute most of this to laziness, but I don't like to think of myself as lazy. Maybe a lil lazy/clumsy/airheady. But who isn't right?