Thursday, March 25, 2004

A Wednesday night TV recap? NO its not SV, but rather American Idol. Yes, I admit I watch the show. And I saw the tour of the original finalists 2 years ago. Shoot me. Anyways, as they whittle down to the top dime (10), I figured I can throw my commentary about the singers. Yesterday the football playa got eliminated, but he probably gave the most memorable exit performance, singing "Amaze" to Simon. Haha that was funny with all the homosexual overtones.

First there's Urkel, or George Huff. I call him Amare due to his resemblance to the basketball player. This cat seems to wake up with an ear to ear grin. Very likeable, but I would never spend my $ towards an album of his.

Then there's the group of sistas - La Toya, Fantasia, and Jennifer, who went from Macy Gray to Mary J seemingly overnight. While all talented, I think La Toya stands out. She has that aura and confidence thats necessary to succeed here.

The white boys - Finch and the Sk8ter b0i. I swear that tall dude reminds of of Finch from American Pie fame. He's a snooze, but maybe if this were AI in the 1940s, he'd have a chance. And that wildin' out kid is funky, but his antics overshadow his voice.

The hick chicks - Pink and the fisherman. Pink had a good performance this week, as she seemed natural for a country song. The chick from GA fishes if you saw her bio. They decent, but I think they're looking for singers with more pop appeal.

Camile is probably the flyest chick left, but if she were walking around Serramonte, I wouldn't turn my head. I like her steez, and she got good flavor (was that redundant?). The judges alluded to her lack of confidence, and its pretty evident. I'm pulling for her and was scared last night when the decision was about to be made. I doubt she'll win, but I'm pulling for her.

Jasmine is cool. Her family is funny, reminds me of my own. While she had a lackluster showing yesterday, she was out of her element, and I expect her to improve next week. Still these hawaiian pinays seem on par with singers in Manila lounges or on TFC. If only I have a Magic Mic maybe I could compete too??