Tuesday, March 30, 2004

It feels good to be a sports fan. After many mediocre seasons, my team finally makes the grand stage. I've stuck with them for 15 years, and have waited 14 years to get to the Final Four. Woooo! Congrats G-Tech for making me a happy fan. Now go win on Saturday.

Anyways, here's a pretty random post. A few things been floating around upstairs:
- Why do people wash an orange, but not a banana? I've guilty of it, but have yet to eat an orange peel.
- Was watching women's basketball too, and its funny how they play MAN to MAN defense. Maybe they should rephrase it to GIRL on GIRL.
- This cat was yapping on his cell phone while driving with one hand. Which is no biggie, until you see that he's driving an 18-WHEELER.
- "I Don't Wanna Know"by Mario Winans, while a hot song (I dig the Fugees' beat), has probably the most retarded lyrics. "If you're playin' me keep it on the low"? His GF must be walkin all over him, and hopefully she doesn't get caught.
- Oh wait, I forgot about the Velvet Teddy Bear. "I'm Sorry 2004" by Ruuuuben is pretty bad lyrically also. What, is he waiting for New Year's 2K5 to mess up again?
- Remember I told you how I missed the Musiq concert? I was bummed because usually perfomers come through like once a year, and I'd have to wait. But wait! He's coming again in May with Mary J Blige. Very intriguing! And please listen to "SoulStar," whichisaverydopealbum.
- My passenger side visor broke. Now it just hangs there all limp. I'd figure it costs like $20-$30 to fix, but damn. $110?! Bananas, just imagine if it were my Bentley.
- Nas' Illmatic, which is reegsta's greatest album of all time, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary by rereleasing it. To show how much I love this album, I literally bought it 4-5 times due to the times it was stolen/lost/borrowed. But I'ma pass this time.
- I always preperforate toilet seat covers prior to using them. That's normal right? I'm not sure if the glossy side or dull side should be facing upwards.
- I went to happy hour on Friday, and if I ordered an appetizer sitting down, it would be regular price. However, if I were to move to a table 5 feet away, it would've been half off. Funny, but we didn't want to move, so we just ordered stuff NOT on the HH menu.
- I had a 16oz glass of Hef and a 23oz glass of Hef. I should've ordered a shot of it to make it a complete 40. But why not just make the 23oz glass an ounce larger?
- Which got me thinking how I hate drinking Snapple from a 12oz can. It's a 12oz can, but its only 11oz of fluid. They gip (sp?) you mayn, go check the vitals.