Monday, March 01, 2004

This weekend happened pretty fast. Had a lil shindizzle at the Triangle Lounge, which I had never been. It's a pretty poppin spot, except for the fact that they recycle more records than any ClearChannel station. The vibe was good, the turnout was better. So thanks yall for coming! And thanks for the dranks too. I surprisingly had no beers, just a bunch of Vodka tonics (w/ Grey Gooose ya heard). I felt a bit perved, but surprisingly kept control, for I didn't throw up, snapping the streak of 6 consecutive b-days in which I did. The next day I had a fatty headache and stayed in bed all day until we went to Marie's 25th b-day at Club EZ5. This was another cool place, and I saw a bunch of old familiar faces from the good ole Gaucho days. So Happy Birthday again! Man, it seems like everyone's a pisces - got two more birthdays to celebrate this weekend, so hopefully I'll still be standing on Sunday.

I never mentioned any new years resolutions yet, because I typically start them around my birthday. I just think about if for the time between. Moreso I guess you can call them goals in this 25th year:

- I wanna be able to lift more.
- I wanna learn to drive stick.
- I wanna be able to swim.
- I wanna be a better gambler.
- I wanna play more hoops and golf.
- I wanna look at potential grad schools.
- I wanna get a promotion/raise at work.

Is that asking too much? I chose feasible goals, so when I turn 26, I'll check my archives (hopefully I'll still be blizzogging) and check my status. And they'll all be knocked off and a new list will be composed.

Funny line of the weekend:
Mac Dre plays in the background (Too Hard for the F*(@#g Radio)
Reeg: (i'm starting to rap along, minus the cuss words of course) Do you know who this is?
Tiff L: Naw, never heard it in my life.
RT: It's Mac Dre!
TL: (in a straight voice) he related to Dr. Dre?

Man that had me rolling like I was some sushi. Also a bit of advice from a wise one: if you bring your camera out, make sure the batteries are charged, otherwise you'll only end up having 5 shots, and 5 boring ones at that.