Thursday, February 26, 2004

So after an ominous morning of heavy rain and howling wind, I woke up a year older. Work was cool, didn't do much. Abstained from meat. Went to Church. Had dinner with the fam and v-may. Ate cake (Rum Cream Puff cake from Dianda's - greatest cake of all time). Missed Smallville. Sounds like a cool 25th! I kept thinking about my 19th birthday, which also took place on Ash Wed my frosh year of college. And that's also the day where Reeg had his first 40 oz. I still have the bottle too. Thanks Keegan! If you didn't know, that was one of my roommates names freshman year. No joke. Regan and Keegan. And we were nothing alike. I'm sure the Trop people had fun with that. But he was one of the coolest dudes I've met in SB. And my other roommate Rob, another mad cool cat who smoked more than chimneys, dubbed me "reegsta." So thanks again guys.

Anyways, I'm kinda reluctantly having a lil shindig this Friday the 27th. So if your in town and down and near downtown, I shall be @:

The Triangle Lounge
3231 Fillmore St
SF, Cali 94123

Well its actually in the Marina. Close enough. I haven't drank since I got back yet. So hopefully it'll be fun. Hopefully I can have pictures up by Monday, to give you a recap of it. I have pics of my birthdays from 19th to the 24th. And I'm wearing a polo shirt in all of them. How sad, but at least they're not all stripes! Maybe I should continue and rock a polo on friday? One day if I ever get a scanner I want to scan them and show you the progression. Or lack thereof.

I wanted to watch The Passion sometime. Did you hear some woman had a heart attack while watching the climatic ending? That somewhat turns me off from watching it. And right now moms is in a theatre peeping it, and she hasn't stopped talking about it.

Oh yeah what's up with my ad banners? It's kinda scary me now. Laser hair removal? Skin whitening pills? Hey at least they're paying attention to what I'm writing.

One thing I wanted to do is watch Musiq Soulchild in concert. I think I blogged about it on our public blog when he last came to the Bay. So he's coming again next week for KMEL's House of Soul. But the tickets are $60! At Ruby Syke! Man, last year they were $30 at the Fillmore. And I paid only $40 for a Mos Def/Kweli/Pharoahe/Skillz show at RS. I cannot justify paying 120 bones for Musiq and some other cat I never even heard of. But I tell you what - this cat is one of my favorite musicians, and is easily my favorite R&B cat (sorry Justin). "Just Friends" is infectious; I've been playing it consistently since I first heard it senior year. And some cats from UCLA performed it at a show I went to. his albums are dope also. I like his steez. And one day I'll watch him live.