Tuesday, March 02, 2004

So far I haven't done ish at work besides taking one. I brought my laptop in, and I swear its a B tryna burn a cd with only one disc drive. 2 programs, 12 new cds, 3 wasted cds, and 0 successful recordings. Hopefully that'll change soon, and at least I got my K-West cd copy. I was thinking about that, and I felt bad burning an artist I actually like, but this guy is on the Roc, which quelled any anxiety I might have.

Anyways, most of my latest entries have been retrospective instead of introspective. I was reading some random blogs yesterday to stir up any creative juices I may have to inject my own domain. I realized that yo, I write for me, and I welcome you all into my virtual world. But at the same time, I write for an audience. Otherwise I wouldn't write half the stuff I put down! What am I tryna say I really don't know. Sometimes its hard to channel your thoughts onto a keyboard. I guess these words here are a reflection of reeg, but not sure how accurate that portrayal is. Maybe turning 25 was more significant than I imagined, almost like a wake up call. It kinda feels like Tom Hanks in Big! Okay maybe not that drastic, but there seems to be an unfulfillness lingering. Even so, that's staring out through my rearview (2pac reference), when I should be looking through the windshield. "Remember the past, prepare for the future, live in the present." Possibly I'm just getting cranky.

Alright enough with that serious stuff, I got other music-related thoughts bumbling in my head.
- "CD created successfully", whew, who would ever thought that a Lil Jon cd would be the 1st burn on my comp (it's for my sister, don't hate).
- I referenced Willy Hung right after his audition, and received some slack for it actually. I saw him back on AI last night, and a creepy thought occurred: what if Willy and KK hooked up?! Oh no, that would be a travesty.
- At least he inspired my new porn name - Well Hung.
- I still doubt he got some poo-tang after all his notoriety.
- I love 2pac, but can't listen to his posthumous releases. Man were his songs butchered. However, his official catalogue even before his demise will never be played (out that is).
- 2pac died when he was 25.
- Is it too late to purchase turntables?
- There are more rappers that I HATE than rappers I like. Maybe I'm just a hip hop snob.
- The demise of hip-hop: it's the media! (it a Chris Rock voice) 1. radio (ClearChannel owns all the darn urban stations, essentially having the same playlist in every major city), 2. the source (this mag is so wack, no credibility whatsoever - i hate this mag), 3. mtv (every aspiring rapper nowadays just wants to floss - please see the Roots "What they do?" video for reference - the GOAT of hip-hop videos)
- I'm not worried though, good music is good music, and that'll find it's listeners.
- Five for Fighting's "100 Years" is a pretty dope track.

Pretty random post huh? I guess that's what I get tryna juggle things mentally.

"I wanna write the songs
that right the wrongs
right on"
- Kweli "Def Poetry Jam" 2003