Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Its not that hard to blog on the daily. It just takes like a 15 minute window to do. So I guess I'm fulfilling one of my resolutions mentioned earlier. Anyways, yall remember Friendster? Yeah, that site is so 2003. I haven't been on it in a minute, but I get a message saying "New message from Regan." I'm like, um, did I send a note to myself? So I go and check it and I receive a pretty strange letter:

eh... just for fun, a friendster network of all the people named
regan. check out the amazing diversity... of extraordinary
people with a name that can be hard to pronounce, hard to
gender-guess, etc.

I can't request you because I don't have your real info, so if
you're interested, message back either with your email address
or last name and I will invite you... or invite me
( and then you can see all the other


And I thought I was a weird Regan. I'm not gonna request him (or her), since I haven't requested folks since like summertime in the lbc (no I'm not a Friendster snob). If you want to know the etymology of my name, here it goes:

Regan - The descendant of a king. A boy or girl's name.

fun fact: Ranked #657 of the last decade
origin: Irish Gaelic

Sounds cool! At least it wasn't ranked #666, or those Exorcist connections would scare me even more. Yes I do love my name by the way. And the one of the best compliments I received was..."Regan, I'm gonna name my first daughter after you!" We'll see if that comes true. =)