Thursday, February 19, 2004

Quick SV update:

I haven't watched the past couple weeks, but this episode didn't seem to rely on that. Anyways, it wa an alright episode. Thought Alicia was a mute at first, didn't know she was a mutant w/ her Nightcrawler abilities (remember X-Men?). Anyways, funny how they just walked away from that elevator after the camera was fried and a steel panel was ripped open. Ummm...isn't that a sign of something? And wouldn't the tape show Clark intently staring at the camera before it went off? Ya think Lionel purposely sabotaged the lift? Turns out Alicia was psycho-girl. She reminded me of Sarah Jessica Parker. Anyways, I knew that Adam cat was shady since the beginning, but had no idea Lionel was behind it. It was good to see Clark save Lana once again, for old time sakes. Another question is where is Alicia gonna go? Wouldn't she tell the world about Clark? I know I would if he played me like that. Oh yeah, that scene where Mr. Kent walks in on Clark got me rolling. Lana already knew Clark was hiding things, and that was even more evident from yesterday's episode. I'm sure its killing her inside. Clark was still kind of cold after their last dialogue, basically saying he's not in love w/ her. We all know that's a front though right?