Wednesday, February 18, 2004

So my body still thinks I'm in the PI. I arrived to work yesterday at around quarter to 10. Which wasn't so bad, for I just crept through the back door and slid into my cube. Anyways, let's discuss the trip. We landed like 2 hrs before we were supposed to, so we waited at the airport for a minute (minute = 1.5 hrs). We took a couple vans to Tagaytay, which is a really nice city. It has a higher elevation and is a little more green than metro Manila. There was a rehearsal dinner party where I ate like it was my last meal.

I love playing golf in the PI. I've probably played like 10 different rounds there. You never have to carry your bags or wash your sticks, that's what caddies are for. I feel bad initially because most of the caddies are female, but its part of the culture there. I didn't score too well, but a fun golf trip in Tagaytay nonetheless.

Primarily we stayed in Rockwell in Makati. I knew it was a nice area, but I didn't know it was that nice! It's like in a bubble in the middle of all the poverty surrounding QC. We stayed in a 9th floor condo that my sister-in-law's folks have bought. I've never seen so many Euros in the PI before. The residents in Rockwell are mostly Euro and other Asian, then Filipino. But they say the Chinese have all the pera there. For instance, one Chinese dude owns the Philippine National Back AND PAL!

We mainly went for my cuz's wedding, which had an interesting green and pink motif (see pics). It seemed like a traditional wedding, except I was in a barong. It also rained that day, but I hear that's good luck for the couple. So is no rain bad luck then? In any case, it was an elaborate wedding, topped off w/ a 9 foot cake. Crazy huh? But only the first couple layers were real. The Shangri-La is a really nice telly. We were supposed to stay there but our rooms were given away last minute.

Here are some pics for now. My batteries died. And my battery charger died. So I need to rely on my brother's and cousin's DCs for the rest of the trip.

Philippines 2004

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