Friday, February 20, 2004

Alright, there's actually more to write about the PI. As I may have mentioned, I was forced to go and get a pedicure. Since I usually wore tsinelas, my hairy feet were exposed. After enduring countless taunts of "Frodo!" and "Saam!" I contemplated on getting foot hair removal. At last second I backed off, but a perrafin wax was suggested to me. Advice: never do this! You put your foot into a bucket of HOT WAX. Man, that pain was excruciating. And then I had to put my OTHER foot in. Supposedly this softens your feet, but damn, they felt the same. So much for that. Then I was like whatever, I'ma go get a massage. Anticipating a cute girl giving me a lil rub-a-dub-dub, I instead find a middle-aged woman who looked provincial. WTF?!? Oh well, I just kept my eyes closed.

Filipinos are a funny people. They put such an emphasis on white skin. Ads everywhere: SKIN BLEACHING! WHITENING SOAP! I don't understand how people could stay that white in that climate. I admit, mestiza's are a hot breed generally. But ghostly figures are pretty darn scary.

For a few days I was sick, the usual diarrhea and yacks. We went to Greenhills Mall, which is bootleg extravaganza. They even have fake GAP gear along w/ the typical fake Jordans, Louis, Burberry and even a Hermes Birkin! (Please reference the Lucy Lui SITC episode). Also, they can't sell DVDs are the front (it's illegal), so dudes constantly go up to you and whisper "DVD DVD, 75 pesos" (~$1.33 USD) And they bring you to the underground railroad. The quality isn't that bad either, but you get what you pay for. Anyways, as I was saying, I was feeling a lil wooozy. I had Popeye's and couldn't really eat, so I just stayed posted and waited. My tum tum is shaking, like I'm about to yack. I feel it coming, so I burst towards the nearest CR (CR = comfort room = bathroom). Turns out running and yacking don't go well together. I swallow my yack once, meters (the US should go on the metric system) away from the bathroom. But I just couldn't hold it in much longer. I yacked on the floor of a mall. Ooooops. I burst to the bathroom without paying the 20 peso fee and go again, this time in the sink. I wash up and grab hella paper towels to clean my mess up. I used to cleaning throw up. I go outside, and I already see their maintenance crew finish cleaning it. Feeling bad, I gave dude 100 pesos and said salamat. So for the rest of the day I stayed in and finished reading The Da Vinci Code. Great book by the way.