Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Happy Mardi Gras everyone. Not sure what to sacrifice or "make better" during this lent season, but its kinda funny how its only for 40 days. Meaning, shouldn't we keep it goin? Regardless, I remember last year I wasn't gon buy kicks for this span, but it turned out I bought more than usual. Whoa. I did give up fast food though. I may do that again (unless its a California Cobb Salad @ Crack-D'S - yummm). I just want to live healthy and prosporous life. Spoken like a true older person yo. Anyways, tomorrow I'ma get some Ash spread on face and we'll go from there.

Anyone see Euro-Trip yet? I downloaded the trailer yesterday after my bro told me he saw KK in the preview. Man I'm slipping. I do recall she was supposed to appear in a flick, but there was a last-second name change so it blew over my dome. The funny thing is I wanted to watch it even before KK was gonna be in it. How can you go wrong w/ the producers of Old School and Road Trip? (Old School is off the wall - i <3 it) There's a lot of gratuitous nudity in the flick, but I'm glad KK doesn't get down and derrty. Matt Damon gets some tongue action with her though. At least its not Ben Affleck.