Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I like to think I'm good with money. But I'm really not. That should change however. Instead of complaining about how much I DON'T make, more effort should be put into how to make my $ act better. So I scheduled an interview with my financial advisor on Thursday. A fee is involved, but I like to think of this as a short term investment for long term growth. You didn't really think about cost of college (not really at public school). Right now my savings is desert-like, my 401K is in its infancy (plus my co. doesn't match), my credit card balance is up there (thank God for balance xfers hehe), and I'm still payin car notes (40 down, 20 more to go!). Not a good pace for someone who wants to be a homeowner before he's 30! I'm gettin some money back for my tax refund, but not sure how I should disperse it. The 2K3 Reeg would've spent it on material goods, but the 2K4 Regan won't (hopefully). Options:

1. Go to savings.
2. Pay off debt.
3. Get Lasix (I'll go on a financial tangent about this later - but i've told most of you about it).
4. Get a 40gb iPod (not a mini one!!)
5. Obtain a Holy Grail
6. Go to Vega$.

Options 4 & 5 I'll have some cheese left. Option 6 I potentially could have LESS skrill, and nothing to show for it.

"If your outflow exceeds your income, then your upkeep is your downfall"