Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Holiday Wish-List, the Budget Version

Disclaimer: I'm not that materialistic.  Okay, maybe a little bit.  But hey, stimulating the economy creates more jobs and a better GDP, which would lead me to a job, which in turn leads to higher morale, which leads this world to a better place.  See - so there's a reason to go out and buy this crap.  While my original wish-list might have some items that are far-fetched, here are some realistic items that Reeg could use for a sub-Curtis Jackson.  And I'll probably just take care of the original list myself lol.

Sensor Soap Dispenser
BBB has this for $40, and that's before the 20% discount!  I remember when these came out a few years back, and they had some motion detection issues.  I assume now they've improved on that, so now it's time to improve on that plain Palmolive bottle. [Side note - I hate how dish-washing soap is either 1. tough on grease, 2. anti-bacterial, 3. anti-odor or 4. for dry-skin. I get so flustered when it's time to buy soap again.  Why can't they just be all of the above??]

Hooded Moto Jacket
I cheated a bit.  This retails for $58, but there's a 20% floating out there, bringing this to $46.40! I'm digging the asymmetrical zipper and the wine color.  I'm probably never going to ride a motorcycle, but at least I could rock the outerwear lol.

Decoded - Jay-Z
For the list price of $35 [and absoltutely no one pays MSRP on a book], I could add this to the coffee table.  Not really an autobiography, this book is a book of rhymes [no Nas] and memoirs.  Since it's selling for less than $20 here, might as well add The Big Payback to the cart too.  That's another book I want to peep.  Uh-oh, I might as well get an iPad now lol.

Titleist Pro-V1x Personalized Golf Balls
If I could afford it, this would be my ball.  But at $50/dozen, that averages to over $4 a ball.  My game doesn't justify that price point, as I currently play a $2.50/ball [Nike One Tour Ds].  It might not seem like a big difference, but it you play often the cost of balls could add up.  Or I could just get better and stop losing them lol.  Right not personalization is 20% off, so I could get them stamped REEGSTA for only $40/dozen!  Or maybe GETAJOB instead hahaha.  Tempting.

PlayStation 3 Dual Shock Controller
Currently $44, I figured if I have a controller, it would really really expedite the purchase of a PS3.  The default system only comes with one you know.  Then again, not sure if this really works.  I used to buy vinyl back in the day in anticipation of getting some turntables.  And I still don't have my 1200s.  I guess I can't really fool myself.

Giants World Series Collector's Edition 2010
I can't lie, I bought this as a gift for someone and I kinda want to keep it.  I probably wouldn't even watch it, and I sworn off buying media, but this should be the exception.  I got it below $40, but now it's $45?  Just like the Giants, they probably have a dynamic pricing model haha.  Now if only I cover find a newspaper cover for my edition of the Chronicle.

New Era Golden State Warriors Fitted Hat
That's a fugazi link, as I couldn't directly find somewhere to buy this particular colorway.  While typically not a fan of hats that aren't the teams primary colors, I figured if you already have that taken care of, why not get alternate color schemes?  But rival teams are a NO-NO, like a SF hat in the A's green/yellow.  That's just nasty.  7 5/8 please, and this shouldn't retail for more than $35.  Use my Lids card for an additional 20% off!

Kenzo L'eau Par Pour Homme
Before I settled on getting my YSL fragrance, this was a close runner-up.  And why not have a rotation of colognes?  I seriously think I still have Polo Sport and Issey Miyake in my bathroom somewhere haha.  Quick tip to the gents out there: for your scent to last longer, you should moisturize the areas about 5 minutes before you apply the spray.  I can't help you if you want other things to last longer though.  Cool looking bottle too huh?

Andis Cordless Beard Trimmer
If I had a stocking, I would want you to stuff it with this $22 trimmer.  If you have seen me in the past couple weeks, I've been rocking the facial hair.  Partly because I didn't feel like shaving after my tooth extraction, partly because it's winter-mode, and partly because I'm about to be laid off and I'm prepping for my unemployed look.  While it was cool after a week, it just became nappy afterward, if that's even possible.  Why this particular brand? Uh because theStyleBlogger uses it.

If all else fails, I would gladly accept gift cards to the following [in order]: eBay, Nike, Apple, *insert golf course*, Golf Mart, Nordstrom, Macy's, Chevron, Lucky's, Amazon, Target, Bloomingdales, BB&B, J-Crew, H&M, Coffee Bean, Peet's, Red Robin and Sizzler.  Just not Best Buy because I effing hate that store. [But I probably would still use it if I had one lol.]

See, contrary to belief, I'm not that difficult to shop for!