Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Wear my Sunglasses at Night

You know how they say it's best to buy items off-season?  Yeah that doesn't apply to sunglasses.  With the calendar year winding down and having some excess cash in my flex-spending account, Reeg was on a journey to find a optometry spot that would allow him to use his money on some non-prescription glasses.  Gosh - I really hope WageWorks doesn't read my page.  Anyway, I had an eye appointment last month, and my Doctor was all like "yeah, you totally could use it here!"  Eye doctors I'm learning are as much as salespeople as Dentists - they'll do what it takes to get that buck.

I didn't mind however.  It's not like I wanted a 3 year supply of contact lens solution haha.  Before I used to throw on any shades that I had, and I've pretty much worn only brown frames/lenses for the past couple years.  I so did not accessorize appropriately.  StyleBlogger stresses to coordinate your accessories to your outfit, like don't wear black frames with a brown suit - think of it like a belt and shoes.  The belt and shoes part were pretty obvious, but to push that further, it could be applied to watchbands and sunglasses too.  Hence my visit here.  I needed some black frames, and I was only gonna choose from their selection.  I was thisclose to getting some Tom Ford's, but that would require some out of pocket cash, and I couldn't really justify spending that much fromage on some glasses.

So even though they sold for full retail [$240], I was able to get them for 30% since I got regular specs too [but those aren't as fun].  THEN I got to use my flex-spending on them, which is all pre-tax earnings for roughly another 30% savings! [If you bought them regularly, you would use your post-tax income so really you wouldn't be saving that much.]  And since this money was set to expire at the end of the year, it was totes a no-brainer.  I'm never going to Sunglass Hut again.

I ended up with these!  Askmen did an exhaustive review about them, but I only read this after looking for an image of them haha.  Felt most comfortable and fit my face, and their polarized lenses would be useful for those bright golf rounds.  Yes, all my purchases circle back to golf somehow.