Monday, December 27, 2010

Mental Notes from the Past Year

After reading my 2010 resolutions [for some reason I didn't make a 2009 list - no wonder!], I'm not sure if I still should be concocting these blog posts haha.  But I'm slowly chipping away at personal goals that so happen to coincide with the new years timing.  This part of the year is like your annual check-up - but instead of being a physical, it's a mental.  I asked myself during this time - what have I accomplished this past year and what I do I want to accomplish in the following year.

Let's review the first half of that last sentence.  Umm...I kinda wish I took a mulligan this past year.  Too bad there's no mulligans in life though.  The past 12 months were a blur, but I'm not sure what I have to show for it.  Okay I have a lil more bread and am flyer, but that's expected with age.  While convenient to blame my impending lay-off as a reason, the onus ultimately falls on me.  No one else is making my bed.  Truthfully I wanted to ride out the year and have a succession plan.  Well Reeg, the year's over in a few, and the succession plan is not exactly in place.  I think I expect too much from me, but there's a reason why I have broad shoulders.  I don't know exactly what I yearn to do...I just want to leave my mark on this world somehow.  Have a legacy.  Achieve greatness.  Become Legendary [oh wait, that's a Jordan commercial].  I believe I have the foundation to perform such feats, it's just a matter of what/when.  Pisces are dreamers, and I'm no exception.  I just want to be exceptional.  That's not asking for too much!

Don't get me wrong, this year wasn't a waste by any means.  I grew spiritually, reinforced what I want in regard to my personal life, became closer to the familia, and realized what's truthfully important.  Once you cut out all the BS then you have a much clearer mind.  I built and continue to harness these pillars that I can rely on and to be able to weather anything.  I feel I'm in a good place, but if I'm questioning it, it's not yet where I want to be.  Which is totally acceptable, so I think I constantly strive.  Never just be complacent yo.  So as I'm running this marathon called life, I can only ensure I got the proper equipment during the journey.  At least I'll be prepared.

My bad, this blog was kinda heavy lol.  Guess I'm rocking the retrospective Reeg hat today.