Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's That Time of the Month Again...

"I want to write the blogs, that right the wrongs, right on."

You would think that after an extended absence I would be chock-full of material to provide, but sadly that isn't the case.  As almost with anything, once the ship passes then it's on to the next.  I mean have you ever seen a boat trying to do a U-turn?  Anyway here's a quick highlight reel of the past month in reverse order since it's easier for me to remember that way haha:

- Co-ed Flag Football started!  New league, new field, new faces.  So after a multi-season hiatus, our squad is back rejuvenated and refreshed.  Currently we're in 1st place and on a winning streak and on pace to go undefeated.  We're 1-0 haha.

- Father's Day.  I had no idea PPQ had an upstairs.  So when we made the reservations for 17 people, I thought we would take over the restaurant.  As far as roasted crabs go in the city, I would go like this: Tanh Long > R&G Lounge > PPQ > Crustacean.  I'm sure I'm missing a few others.  Thanks to the "sissy", here are pics of that day [don't ask why the 'phews are holding hands]:

- Santa Cruz.  I tagged along with Jon and Dar's fam for a lil day trip down to the Beach Boardwalk.  I don't even remember the last time I was on a roller-coaster but it was good to get my adrenaline flowing.  That's probably how Vinny Chase felt after the season premiere of Entourage.  It's fun though to channel that inner child that we all have, so thanks for the invite! Or did I crash?  Haha jp.  Contrary to belief, we did not request the pink cart, and since Diggy wanted to ride with Dar, it left me and Jon together.  All good, he was a better soundboard for top cleavage viewing anyway haha.

- Pebble Beach.  My first ever Major Championship!  I've seen golf tournaments before, I've seen Tiger before.  But I've never seen him in a major.  It's like watching Jordan in the NBA Finals [except Jordan would never lose one].  Mike and I headed down to the Monterey Peninsula for the opening round.  They didn't allow any phones or cameras or outside food or anything, but being the sneaky person I am, I found a way to get my phone in.  Having it though felt like I was concealing drugs on a plane or something.  Here is Tiger lining up a birdie putt over the scenic 10th hole.  It's really him!

Note to self: remember your exit, but don't leave the premises accidentally and try arguing with the security to let you back in with your sneaked-in possessions...don't wait until the end to take the shuttle, or else you'll be part of a mass exodus of people trying to hop on the few buses left and you end up leaving the course at 11p when the last putt dropped 3 hours prior...bring your Amex card to get free crap...yell "Woods!" since everyone else is yelling "Tiger!"...don't expect any dimes at a golf tournament...rock the sunblock...get a lil useful memento at the merchandise tent...and if you can, sneak into the player's potty areas rather than the general publics.

- In the Heights. This was a fun musical about a close-knit community that shows the struggle's of the inner-city life.  This made me think about being an understudy for one of the main characters, but then I realized that would require to sing and dance, which aren't my strong suits.  Anyway thanks T, T, R, and N for the company!

- Healdsburg. Nick's annual birthday weekend was another success, except for the golf part.  Apologies to those with whom I play board games.  If you want to see my morph from Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk, challenge me to a word game haha.  It's wonderful to get away from the urban life to a quaint little retreat area, devoid of cell phone service, television and dirty air.  I look forward to the next one.

Whew, this took me all morning to write, so let me stop here. Rather than just telling you I want to write more, I just gotta do it.  Be bout it bout it, like that No Limit shirt I used to rock back in the day haha.