Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogger True-Life: I'm Addicted to...

Tailoring.  I think thus far in fiscal year 2010, I've spent more money on tailoring my existing wardrobe than actually on new threads.  This makes sense if you think about it.  It's more prudent to spend $12 altering a shirt than spending $30-$50 for a new shirt ya dig?  Yes, I *heart* being financially responsible!  So I've been going to Vivien in the Mission at GJ Cleaners on the recommendation of one of my sisters maybe a year ago, and I haven't looked back.  My tailor bad, my tailor hood, my tailor do stuff that you're tailor wish she could. Okay I primarily go here because it's mad cheaper than the tailors around Union Square for comparable jobs.  Isn't an original hem job for $20 and an original hem job for $10 still an original hem?  That's my thought process.

Anyway but yeah, I probably visit her once a month to stitch up and surger [not really a word, but I wanted to verbalize 'surgery'] whatever clothes I have on the chopping block.  She breathes life into clothes that I haven't worn in ages since they no longer fit [I've lost about 15 lbs over the past 3 years].  I partly blame the Dressing Better thread on NT, as Kram can attest to, since I've been following it about 500 pages ago.  Plus I think it's a natural evolution for a vain mothereffer like me.  It's funny because I brought it a pair of pants that I got tapered and hemmed, and the job cost more than the actual price of the pants haha [I got them @ Marshall's awhile back].  I even brought a polo shirt in to get tailored for a trial run.  Who gets polo shirts altered you may ask?  Why stop at slacks and button-ups?  But if you think about all the different body shapes out there, and there's typically only 4 sizes of shirts made, it totally makes sense to get them fitted to your specs.  Sometimes I just make sense.  Watch me start bringing in my basketball shorts lol.

I've actually referred a co-worker here after he asked my about my threads.  Hope he wasn't checking me out!  And I did refer him to the spot above and he also was satisfied with the job done [although Vivien charges him more mwhahaha].  So if the ploomy-generation of males want to efficiently upgrade your wardrobe, bring your salvageable pieces to a tailor.